Zodiaco: produzione calzature da donna 100% made in italy |
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Short Story


The ZODIACO brand was born in 1971, thanks to the ‘entrepreneurial initiative of Elio Sardelli, that began since 1969. From that date to today things have changed profoundly: after various evolutions and corporate rotations. ZODIACO is now an Italian excellence in the footwear market for ladies and young girls.

Actual shoes which have a medium-fine level made in Italy. In this context are developed and implemented several solutions and a full range of footwear for all seasons: stylish sandal, evening to the comfort, from ‘flip-flops to the casual slippers sea, from the dancers and decollete ‘to the ankle and ankle boots. A full range of shapes and structures.

It ‘important to note that all leathers, materials and all components are of Italian origin .All production phases are exclusively made in Italy: more’ precisely in Valdelsa in the heart of Tuscany .These characteristics attest and certify the footwear ZODIACO 100 % MADE IN ITALY .


collection 2017


collection 2016


collection 2015


historical collections